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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

shaky skywalk

mumbai is getting a lot of skywalks. they are expected to alleviate the pedestrian misery and provide for non-intrusive, clean access across congested stretches.
the first one was inaugurated yesterday.
and by the end of the day, was shaking and closed for inspection.

here is the photo of the inauguration by the CM (courtesy TOI).
the most interesting part of this image is on the middle of the left edge.
just look at the jammed traffic lanes .
thats not going to vanish in any hurry.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

saw the pic in TOI, cynically, was wondering what its going to unleash and on whom.

at current count drowning, lepto, dengue, malaria, generic murders, demolitions, are we looking next at collapsing skywalks? :( :(

Vanessa said...

A proper SIDEwalk could have sufficed?

csm said...

kbpm - since it is all a bit rushed to meet upcoming election drama, one should expect inaugurations and closing happening simultaneously. looks unlikely that it would collapse. our govt engineers are not that inefficient :-)

v - there is no adequate space on the road to do a sidewalk to accommodate the volume of people who enter and leave the stations. hence the idea is definitely superior to road based walkways. as long as it is usable.

Vanessa said...

Oh yes, of course. A year in the US seems to have hampered my thinking.