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Saturday, April 26, 2008

searing verse

the farmer suicide situation in maharashtra shows no sign of abating inspite of the Rs 60K crore loan waiver in latest budget.

i found this spell-binding poetry from a recent article in indiatogether.

Amhi vasare vasare, muki upasi vasare,
gaya panhavato amhi, chor kalatat dhar,
tapa tapa gham unarato, unarato bhuivar,
moti pikavato amhi, tari upasi lekare.

it translates

we are calves, dumb hungry calves
we tend to the cows, thieves walk away with milk and cream
we sweat and sweat on fields
we cultivate pearls, but our children remain hungry

the poet is no more.
tragedy, no doubt.

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