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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"I think revolution begins with the experience of poverty"

this is tenzin tsundue, the tibetan youngster who created some ruckus in bangalore in 2005, when the chinese head was visiting india.

i also think, he explains gandhi's tactics better than many:
The difference between Gandhi and His Holiness is that His Holiness is non-confrontational. He says truth is important, the ultimate goal, but Gandhi said truth should prevail and there should be human effort toward this. He confronted unjust authority, risked others’ lives and called for sacrifice. This is how he created mass mobilisation.....That awakening is something Gandhi was able to do. When he said, ‘Swadeshi! Non-Cooperation!’ everyone took off their clothes and burnt it. Such direct confrontation, based on truth, puts the perpetrator in a very difficult position.
read the entire interview here.

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