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Thursday, April 17, 2008

asking nero for a fire extinguisher

telehka covers the hot issue of water scarcity in their latest issue.

what i found extremely ironical is this part:
Coca-Cola in India follows the policy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recharge for water management. Over the last eight years, we have reduced our water usage ratio by 35 percent. We have installed 320 Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) projects across 17 states in partnership with government organisations and local communities. We currently supply drinking water to 100 schools in India and will increase it to 1,000 in three years time. Bottled water, as any other product in any category, offers quality, purity and easy availability. However, our focus should be to ensure easy access to potable water for all citizens across the country.
coca cola's rampant ground water abuse is well known. Plachimada, Mehdiganj and Kala Dera and who knows how many more.

i reproduce my letter to tehelka below:
Shantanu Guha Ray writes (Water, Water Everywhere? - April 10, 2008) on a burning issue.
But asking for solutions from Coca Cola India is akin to asking Nero for Rome's fire prevention plans. Coca Cola's ground water depradations at Plachimada, Mehdiganj and Kala Dera are well documented.
Even in the best interests of unbiased reporting and giving each side a valid hearing, I never expected Tehelka to completely disregard the double standards of Coca Cola in this matter.
seriously tehelka is losing it.