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Thursday, May 26, 2011

pesticide in food - dire warning contd...

in response to the cabbage warning, my friend surio, has come up with this comment which he said (and i agree) deserve main page inclusion.

The Internet is our friend. Usually Bioingestion and Bioaccumulation damage is a build up that takes years but manifests quite suddently. Do you remember growing up in 80s India, and reading about mercury / poisoning / through fish consumption in Japan?

This will be somewhat similar. The brave should click here and here to get educated (or more scared, whatever the case may be).

My own personal take is that pesticide poisoning disaster is already manifesting itself in the other species and it is a matter of time before we are stuffed and cooked! Take a look at here and also at something called Colony collapse disorder among bees. Of course, there are highly evolved bird species such as Bee-Eater (Duh!) that feed on these bees and die-off en masse. It's OK, seems to be the stupid refrain, so long as it is not us, but the birds and the bees, it's OK. Even bats are being affected, but no one knows why it is happening yet.

Honestly, I don't know what an alternative to pesticide farming might be. This becomes even more paramount because if we stop pesticide use, there will be major crop failures for at least 3-4 seasons as crops will take time to build their resilience to pests. And while this happens, many of the 6 billion infantilised wastrels of a bipeds will surely have to die. Horrors..


Capton said...
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Capton said...

Saw a news item today about even supposedly organic and natural farms are contaminated with GM crops. Is that a real threat in India ? If so how do u watch out for that in your farm?

Surio said...

Thanks for fielding the comment directly on the blog, brother.

In addendum, Jayadeep also carried a post on this point. Readers might be interested?

Some of us perhaps intuitively feel that things are just "not right" in modern society/living. But sometimes I feel a combination of factos conspire against us:
1. Homeostasis (even negative reinforcement is known as that),
2. A general lack of drive and wherewithal to forge an effective change into our lives
3. A mediocrity conforming attitude that seems to have grown as a permanent shell around people

All of these keeps and prevents people from changing and forcing a change around themselves.

Hoo Boy!

csm said...

capton - if one is a maize/corn or a cotton grower, this threat is real.
in our area, the main crops are not yet GM based.

Prashant said...

please check below website for organic farming .
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