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Thursday, March 11, 2010

uppa? salta?

the tamil translation of salt is uppu.
the english translation of uppu is salt.

net net, they should mean the same thing.

our kitchen has a distinction such that this title of this post is asked as a question during cooking.
uppu = rock/crystal variety, which one hardly sees in a 'modern' kitchen.
salt = iodised powdered variety (the non-cosumption of which is supposed to cause massive health problems that the GoI almost banned the used of uppu - getting a hang of it now?)

my thumb rule is uppu for gravy dishes (wherever liquid media are usd for cooking) and salt for dry dishes (that too only if no water is used in the boiling - like potato roast).


Arvind said...

You can use a salt grinder (like pepper grinder) and then you can use rock salt for all dishes!

csm said...

no one would say, "uppa? salta?" then. it is no fun :-)