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Thursday, March 11, 2010

bhairavi - our own black beauty

this is bhairavi.

she has been a pR regular. we fist saw her in mid january a bit weak and bruised/scarred.
as we have been more long staying, she has more or less plumped pR as her home.
we could never be sure as we would miss her out on some nights.

we have noticing that her overall health/looks kept improving as she spent more time with us.

now all our doubts are cleared.
she had her litter of 4 pups today morning.

here she is delivering one (you can see the umbilical cord - white colour) and the newly born lovely little one.

here is a feeding/feeling frenzy and bhairavi after the exhausting ordeal (approx 3 hours).
boy - did she lick her pups to keep them cool/warm and clean.

now realise how abodh (of welfare of stray dogs) must feel at his kennels.

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