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Sunday, March 14, 2010

toads, tadpoles and assorted frogs

we have a large pond at pR. and a few other minor water bodies.
post rains, i am imagining that the amphibious creatures must have had a blast.
jan-feb would have been the massive hatching growing scene and we have had to share a significant portion of the bathroom space with them.

after the initial and partial squeamishness (remember the many times you spotted one in your city home), we allowed them into our lives (they had already allowed us into theirs).

as summer grows and the water bodies shrivel up, their populations are now stabilising.
while k and i were discussing their presence, she highlighted a significant point.

the toads, tadpoles and assorted frogs are the sole reason, why we do not (repeat DO NOT) have any mosquitoes at pR. (remember the All-Out mosquito repellent ad)

with a plethora of the aforementioned water bodies, it is but natural that mosquitoes too must have had a blast post rains.

this is the beautiful balance of nature.
the prey-predator cycle sets up and it is fascinating to see it unfurl.


Vanessa said...

You both have BIG hearts....I mean big BIG hearts, to say you have allowed frogs in your life. :)
Fine as long as you don't have Scorpions and such, that would be a different story.

csm said...

scorpions - not yet.
snakes - yes. but they are quite content to keep to their areas.
lizards, chameleons, and their bretheren - are useful to control the little flying insects.

it is all just a question of getting familiar. once you see something so regularly, the mind quite naturally evolves to accept them.

Purvs said...

Before frogs mate, they do this kind of call and dance. So if you here a lot of frogs croaking you can be sure they are getting ready to procreate :)