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Friday, March 26, 2010

morality of career choices - prayaag joshi

while attempting to respond to survey san's comment to articulate the thinking process while moving from mumbai to pR, i came across this well written article by prayaag joshi - Morality of Career Choices.

i fully agree with prayaag and feel a sense of oneness with his trajectory.
though a dated article, i tracked prayaag down to the imlee mahua nai taleem center of learning in chattisgarh.

remarkable. i remember writing about teaching in a similar school just over a year ago.


SurveySan said...

I didnt realise 'moral' considerations drove you to this.

i was thinking (hoping) a 'need' of some kind, gave you the motivation, after you made 'enough money'.

would like you to elaborate, when time permits. :)

Unknown said...

SS, The 'need' to be morally right is as much a need as any other. The western view that the only needs are material may not be right after all! Man, it appears has other (higher, subtle, intangible) needs too!