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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

dams of maharashtra - bhandardara and vaitarna

spent 2 days at the picturesque bhandardara MTDC resort. it is famous for a 90 year old dam on the pravara river for provision of water to ahmednagar city.

while we were there, we also managed to drive through the just as picturesque vaitarna dam.
a lot of mumbai's water supply is from here - over 150 kms away.

and the lake levels looked low (with no earlier standard for comparison, i am surely biased by the reports which indicate low levels).

in short, it was a nice exploration into the small/medium dams of maharashtra.
recommend to readers.
stay at the MTDC resort - book in advance either in the monsoon season or in the winters.
there are a couple of other resorts, but MTDC (for all its other faults) has the best location and excellent food.


Vanessa said...

I went to these places with the school picnic in 6th std. Hardly realised where I was, just remember sliding down sone slopy/ rocky slope and hurting both my knees. :(
I am right there with you about MTDC. We use them everywhere we go. (GTDC in Goa)

csm said...

mtdc is good.
next time you are here, you should do the forts-of-mah tour with shreya.

heman said...

I visited the Bhandardara in heavy monsoon in August 2007, I saw huge water in lake .There is two types of river here one passes into river Godavari on Desh section and other small river in sahyadris passes into MAin Ulhas river .I FEEL THAT ALL THESE SMALL RIVER AROUND MUMBAI IN THANE AND RAIGAD DISTRICT SHOULD BE CANALISED IN TO ONE MEGA DAM .WE WILL HAVE WATER TO FED ENTIRE REGION