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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

balle balle for punjabi school kids

private school teachers are a exploited lot.
they are paid abysmally low wages (Rs 500 to Rs 3000 per month), but made to sign vouchers which show that they are paid government approved wages.

with an increasing trend of enrollment in private schools, this would have just continued to escalate.

but the right to free and compulsory education bill 2008 was supposed to eradicate this malaise.
it legalised the norms that all recognised schools should pay teachers as per norms laid down by the respective state governments.

the punjab school education board passed a directive (keeping the above law and circumvention method) ordering all teachers to be paid by account payee cheque system instead of cash.

check out what has happened post that order:
1. schools discover new methods
2. non-complying schools are de-recognised.
3. all private schools are shut down to protest point 2.

good fun indeed for distant observers.
kids must also be having fun with the extra winter holidays.

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