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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

narural disaster week

8th Sep - 10 Sep - Flash floods sweep across turkey.
22nd Sep - massive floods in georgia, USA.
29th Sep - Undersea earthquake spawns tsunami and hots the samoan islands.
30th Sep and 1st Oct - earthquakes rock indonesian islands.
26th Sep - 4th Oct - typhoons ketsana and parma slams philippines, vietnam, cambodia and laos.
1ct Oct - 6th Oct - torrential rains drown large parts of AP and Karnataka in South india.

of course, they are all related.


Vanessa said...

Lot of astrologers were predicting rains when Saturn enters Virgo. Coincidentally that happened on 9 Sep 2009 .....

Really bad floods in AP and Karnataka. Bad in Konkan as well.

Spoke to my grandfather recently, he lost almost all the crop due to this late rain in Konkan. Now we can just pray for a good mango season.

csm said...

and more stuff has hit under the pacific.
once a fault gets exposed and active, it just sets off a series of events.

v - keep praying...need to intercrop. not be a one output farmer. some varieties are able to survive the worst...