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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

amrut jal and amrut mitti

after attending the city farming working last month, we decided to put the training into action.
the key to life in the planet is the continuous work of nature in recycling the organic matter back into the soil.
this typically happens in forests with the help of animal, birds (their droppings).

so how does one replicate this natural process on a terrace.
through the efforts of shripad dabohlkar and deepak suchde, the concept of natueco farming has been created.
the former is the founder of प्रयोग परिवार (prayog parivar) (an incredible family of experimenters) and the latter is continuing the legacy.

the core of natueco farming, is around soil creation.
called अमृत मिट्टी (amrut mitti), this is the main object of this post.
its preparation is detailed here and is quite simple and aims to replicate the natural processes in a controlled environment. the process involves the preparation of अमृत जल (amrut jal), which provides all the microbes.

we went through the process over the last 3 weeks and we are now one week after laying down the layers of biomass and soil. in another 2-3 weeks times, we should have our first attempt ready to use.


Anonymous said...


I went through the write ups on amrut hal and amrut mitti.

If I may take the liberty to ask, please advise on the following.

This sounds possible for me prepare, but , the purity of ingredients avaiable in this city area is a little doubtful. And using amrut mitti with sugarcane chakkai(Tamizh), is not a viable solution. Can we use the amrut mitti in any other way?

I would like to try it out .



csm said...

pattu - you will get organic jaggery from an organic store. search for one in hyd. else use over-ripened banana or papaya as replacement for jaggery.

i do not understand what you mean when you say "using amrut mitti with sugarcane chakkai"...

amrut mitti is the final product of this process, soil which is always fertile.

please explain your query clearly and send me via email. it is easier to type/link etc on gmail editor as against comment editor.
sriramskd AT gmail DOT com