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Sunday, March 08, 2009

volunteering at the local farm - 3 and 4

after day 2 and day 1 here at our service farm, i have some simple comments to share from our work from day 3 and 4 over this weekend.
1. eat a proper meal min of 4 hours before any serious manual work.
2. use both your sides equally to use/build muscles.
3. सफाई काम is a unmatched way to get kids energised.
4. cold water baths are better than hot water. especially after physical work. tough but it is good that summer is on us now :-)
5. practice does make perfect. my digging is now quite upto the mark.
6. allow kids to settle their disputes themselves. works very well indeed. do not interfere with your own value system. like tolstoy did as a headmaster. (superb book, please do read).


Vanessa said...

Nice to read your updates on the farmwork. Hope you are making sure of not hurting your back.

csm said...

not at all. in fact, i seem to feel stronger after this. am, of course, taking all precautions.