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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

courage against all odds

the agro-crisis in the vidarbha region of maharastra has been well captured.

in the midst of this, there is a story of rare spunk and belief.
of bhushan 'baba'
In 2003, after his father’s suicide in Wardha’s Umri village, Bhushan was forced to quit school while in the sixth standard and take over the reins of the family. “I was the eldest; my two brothers were very small. I had to take up the responsibility,” he says simply.
“I’ll prove my father wasn’t wrong when he took up farming, I’ll bring my family out of debt,” says Bhushan, who took over the family farm at barely 13 years of age when his father committed suicide in 2003.
heroism or fool-hardiness?
whatever be the answer, bhushan is from the breed of heroes.

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