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Sunday, February 03, 2008

what a funny Family!!

celebrations and special occasions are wonderful times for families.
and ever more wonderful times for family-behaviour analysts (FBAs).

and weddings are the high points in the lives of FBAs whence multiple families converge in a complete orgy of customs, egos, rituals and faux-fraternising/sororising.
dec 2-6th was the wedding period and it abounded in above.

of particular interest was the powerful presence of the senior-most/egoistical/anal/critical family member.

from her side, it was the eldest brother of the father-of-the-bride. he was hit by the csm charm offensive which permanently disabled his 'critique-al' thinking. historically this offensive was likened to the blitzkreig. last heard, he was making plans to build a temple in my honour!!

from my side, it was the senior-most of my maamis who eventually was anointed CKO (chief keeeda officer). her favoured technique was to question each action and throw doubts over its appropriateness, timing, function, sequence and how she does it differently.
but my in-laws played at a high level, super-traditional space and sucked the air from the CKO's sails.

the FBAs of the world would have been astonished and perplexed if they were in my vicinity over the dec 2-6 period.
the camaraderie was real and effusive and most importantly pleasant.

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