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Sunday, February 03, 2008


this where csm comes from.
an iconic sitcom revolving around the lives of 6 people.

while being funny and gag-filled, it makes me ask these questions.
1. why do we need friends?
2. do friends have shelf life/pot life?
3. how to make friendship last?

typically, at various stages in our life (school, neighbours, college/s, office/s), we have different bunches of pals.
rare specimens last across the stages.

one rare specimen in my life is 'dog'.
interestingly we are 'dog' to each other. that makes names etc redundant.
we have been friends for around 12 years - thats more than 33% of our lives.
our very first encounter was at the college extension counter - while we were opening our bank accounts.
when he called a kitten, which had strayed between our legs, a 'sonofabitch', i knew that dog was 'happening'.
whats keeps the dogs going:
1. at a fundamental level, we have similar traits, thoughts and decision making process
2. non-negative judgmental in general and more so in the crisis periods.
3. no expectations and no explanations (what also works is clearly stated expectations, but i find that a toughie)
4. a strong group of additional dosts
5. affinity to produce of breweries

if everyone had their one 'dog', world would be a much nicer place.

keep barking.

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