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Thursday, August 16, 2007

why did you not clean this place?

yesterday was another anniversary of our Independence...or is it 'in dependence'.

the only guys who must be really enjoying all this must be those who rent out sound systems and flag makers.
tons of faux-patriotism and 'love thy nation' strewn across the media.
people are falling over each other to express their views. we could not get enough of it through the week.
today is the day after and i can imagine the tons of plastic tirangas that must be floating in the gutters from banal, useless events and functions. and the tons of e-debris from chain-SMS and emails exhorting the greatness of india.

so i was at this place where we had planned a community clean up. tried to be simple and unpretentious and focussed on garbage elimination.
organised a group of 10 youth and hoped that there would be more from the locals who would join in the campaign.
while the local youth stayed mere bystanders, the little kids joined us in full enthusiasm and gusto. totally rocking.
we tried to stay away from the 3 difference flag hoisting functions, but as one of them was right in the clean-up zone, we participated a bit.
otherwise for over 3 hours, the group clean up an football-field sized area of plastic and general pick-uppable kachra. an impressive sight it was once it was done.

here is the explanation for the title.
as we were on our way out, we got hailed by a group from one of the buildings. they came down and with a straight face asked us "why did you not clean this place?", pointing to an area in front of their building.
the bloody cheek, i can hear my readers thinking.
we were too tired to react as such and withdrew with simple explanations of our work and exited.

the bloody cheek, i say.

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