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Friday, January 28, 2011

our thuvarai trees

thuvarai - pigeon pea - toor dal is quite a magical tree.

these trees were planted in late 2009 (ideal time is jul-august) and in a year this is how they look.
all brimming with pea pods.

i hear that the processing is quite tedious and time consuming.
we have to do it anyways, so anyone who is certain about how to process them, do drop in details on sriramskd AT gmail.


Anonymous said...

You can make an excellent curry out of it. No need to process it towards drying and splitting. Unless you of course crave for sambhar.

All you have to do is some oil, some spices (jeera, hing, turmeric and whatever else you want to add in spice family, you can add brinjal and add water and you are good to go. Extremely yummy. Gives you your proteins and saves you the trouble.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time finding seeds of this variety, is this malanthuvarai or is it some other variety. Would like to have this, to restore soil fertility, like the greenlocal folks. Really nice, so rich with pods!
Usually it is lots of labor plucking the pods off the plant. With shorter varieties, they harvest the whole plant, dry it, and shake off the pods, and process it mechanically.

csm said...

a - cool recipe. will do that too.
will keep some for sambaar too :-)

of course, will keep seeds. and send across.

Anonymous said...

Note that for the curry you have to "shell" out the seeds, the green outermost shell which holds those seeds is excellent fodder for goats :-) !!!

Also did you try growing Colocasia (taro) under the shade of the thuvarai? Or any other "eatable shrub" with shallow root systems?

csm said...

anon - yes indeed. taro is growing under its shade. planning to get some more shallow tuber varieties from deepika this year.

Unknown said...

Can i get their seedss?