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Thursday, February 17, 2011

using animal power - brick making continued...

while making bricks, we relied, in our early batches, on the tribal dance system for a good mixing of the soil and water.

but it hits the knees quite hard.
and so we outsourced that entire operation out to a local farmer/all-purpose worker - ravi.
while it took siddarth and me over 2 hours of huffing and puffing to completely mix 2 piles, ravi would casually mix up 4 piles in over 4 hours.
not only was he much stronger than us, but he could pace himself and relied more on technique/skill rather than brute strength.

ravi came up on his second day and said that he was thinking about how people in the past built castles and monuments using mud. and that they must have used elephants to do the mixing. so why not try with cows.

strength, stamine, skill and intelligence....what more does one want from our education system, which ravi never participated in.

so here is animal power at work.

instead of multiple piles, it is one grand crater.

and the wheels go round....

...and round

and here is the final monster patty.

this one yielded over 170 bricks.
and we are totally at 800 bricks.


Anonymous said...

You can make an educated person literate, the other way around that is making a literate person educated is not necessarily true.

Education => wisdom, analytical thoughs, balanced, etc.

Literate => Ability to demonstrate thought in the three "R"s - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Schools -> Elementary Schools should be massed standardized literacy programs. Middle school, exposure to express educated thoughts, high school -> ability to assimilate end re-gurgitate educated thoughts. University - schools of higher education.

It is not the fault of the public school system that it is seen as failure, it is the fault of the society that expects engineers and doctors out of every kid. And hence universities are to be reduced to massive job training factories! Like people doing MBA after engineering ... to get "better" jobs.

I think you should read Upanishads.

Surio said...

Nice thoughts! I couldn't have put it any better myself! Perhaps, you could write a guest post in a blog by expanding on those lines?

Don't dismiss it ;-)