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Thursday, February 18, 2010

typical day at pR

responding to this comment on first 3 days at point return, here is a typical work day at pR.

600 to 630 - post wakeup stuff + minor physical exercise
630 to 730 - grass cutting (the biomass generated is used for mulching and amrut mitti prep)
730 to 830 - vegetable bed maintenance
830 to 930 - clean up and breakfast
930 to 1030 - rest/reading + lunch preparation
1030 to 1230 - work
1230 to 130 - clean up and lunch
130 to 300 - personal time [rest/reading/writing]
300 to 400 - work
400 to 500 - amrut jal/amrut mitti preparation
500 to 600 - cleaning up and tea
600 to 830 - dinner preparation and dinner
830 to 930 - daily documentation and next day planning
930 - lights out

it is, of course, a flexible schedule.

1. work means stuff like those listed here and in putitsing the 'oles.
2. most of the work and the kitchen work is done on a shared basis.
3. some of the rest times is used for general housekeeping.

we are focussing intellect on understanding our ecosystem (observing the plants, birds, insects, etc.) and our place in this complex web.


Krupakar said...

Thanks, SKD.Think I see how organic farming can engage the intellect, specially after attending a lecture by Ms. Vandana Siva (Navdanya foundation)yesterday. It is education, and that is always engaging.

csm said...

krups - you lucky dog. shiva is brigadier general of the organic farming army.

Krupakar said...

:-). Yeah, it was a great lecture, full of pithy punchlines.