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Friday, November 06, 2009

sustsainable living in cities - the remarkable dervaes

a medium sized home in pasadena, california houses the incredible Dervaes' family.
growing nearly 3000 kgs of fruits and vegetables in around 4000 sq ft of urban space is just mind-blowing.

their experiments with simple and sustainable urban living is now an award winning documentary - Homegrown Revolution.

met them at an interactive session in mumbai last evening.
a truly amazing experience to hear their experiences and the underlying philosophies.
almost a modern day fukuoka.
one thing that strongly resonated is their strong anti-monsanto slant :-)

please check their other website, Path to freedom.


Vanessa said...

FANTASTIC.. Awe inspiring

csm said...

v - now that you have collected your jaw from the floor, you should try to do something small on these lines. shreya will just lap it up...

Vanessa said...

Sure. First, I need to borrow your green thumb.