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Saturday, June 13, 2009

modakam at madhavashram uphar gruh

madhavashram at girgaum is a lodging hotel which serves simple meals (only dinners).
for over 100 years, this eatery (grade 2 as per the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai - Health Dept) has retained its original design of its founding fathers (check the above link in detail).

tagging along with abodh of straying around, we partook of their special fare last week on the occassion of sankasthi chathurti.

the modakams are legendary and they indeed are divine. the whole meal was just lip smacking.

the good news is that sankasthi chathurti comes every month and i am planning to make this a monthly affair.


Vanessa said...

hmm modak. Yummy.
Its quite an art to make them. And I can boast of making real good ones. Thanks to my mother.

csm said...

well done.
we tried once on pongal and the we messed up the boiling process and it came out very soggy.
send/post recipe.