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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the next gen Amtes

we learnt that prakash and mandakini amte won the magsaysay.

as expected, news hounds made a beeline to their abode in hemalkasa.

tehelka runs a great story on them. only the middle part tangents out to covering baba amte (which i guess is ok for new comers).
it is quite incredible, the entire family has voluntarily taken over old/taken on new projects initiated by baba.


Aniket said...

Simply unbelievable and amazing !!!

I dont think any words can do justice to even acknowledge their deeds ..

csm said...

yes mate.
thats the gene marker we need to identify and cross pollinate all of humanity.
well, just a thought...

Vanessa said...

you might like this -

Again unrelated to the post :)