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Thursday, January 17, 2008

working in india

while reading this article on baba adhav and in his interview, he says
Of the 40 crore workers in India , less than 2.5 crore are protected by some form of labour legislation. They enjoy work security, minimum wages, an eight-hour working day, a weekly off, paid leave, sick leave, annual bonus, provident fund, pension and so on. The remaining 37.5 crore workers have been ignored.
that is just 6.25% in the organised sector.
it is backed up with other official data from directorate general of employment and training
so all this 'unionism', 'socialism', 'communism' are really elitist movements.

while checking out employment data, i stumbled upon this site, which throws up some startling stats:
1. Sixty per cent of India's workforce is self-employed
Over 70 per cent of the labour force is either illiterate or educated below the primary level.
3. in table 6, it shows that over 10% of the employment is in the "
Community, Social and Personal Service"

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