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Thursday, December 27, 2007


a rather new indecent intruder to decent spoken english is this 'kind-of-a-thing'.
probably our own version of a thingummy.

commonly used adjacent to nouns like:
  1. i am standing next to this guy kind-of-a-thing.
  2. what is this bracelet kind-of-a-thing?
  3. he looks like musharraf kind-of-a-thing
but i hear it these days even without reference to 'things' or with reference to 'non-things'.
  1. we shall meet at 4 o'clock kind-of-a-thing
  2. what is this red kind-of-a-thing
  3. let's watch Discovery kind-of-a-thing
this drop in speaking abilities is a little bewildering kind-of-a-thing.

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