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Saturday, February 13, 2010

tree names - 2

continuing the series which started here, let me introduce the trees.
name of student - tree name in tamil - tree name in english

1. masrood ansari - murungai - drumstick

2. neeta sherla - vepa maram - neem

3. noor shaikh - elimicham - lemon

4. pir shaikh - moongil - bamboo

5. prashant dodke - nellikkai - gooseberry

6. sana ansari - the blood clotting clover

7. sangeeta zombade - goyya - guava

8. seema kamble - maa - mango

9. sumeet gade - pala - jackfruit

this could become a bit controversial as this may appear to be a list of 'favourites'. it is not meant to be. there is a top of the mind recall factor which is inevitable.
the attempt is to let it come as naturally as possible and the choices have been made based on similarities between the person and the tree :-)


sumeet gade said...

Hi Bhiyya

Thanks for the awards.I really liked it.Since I am the last one , i would create more impact on others and in the family also the younger one gets the most of the love.I am happy...

So hows life.HOws you and didi?How are your parents?HOpe every thing is going good.

All my wishes are with you.



Tree Names said...

This post really help me alot.

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