Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Friday, February 12, 2010

tomato worm

we are growing tomatoes. or trying to watch them grow (at best, we are mere observers. nature is the only grower).
most of them are in early stages, except one marvellous beauty.

on this path of growing vegetables, we have to figure out management of our beautiful visitors.
these lovelies will stake their claim on the fruits and vegetables of pR.
here is one example (one is inside the tomato and the right pic is after we removed him).

difficult as it is to see the 'fruits of our labour' to be 'plundered' like this, we trust that the natural cycle of prey-predators will set itself up at pR.
and we grow as individuals and farmers, we learn to share the ecosystem we habit with all our fellow mates.


Unknown said...

That sure is one smart intelligent visitor - its actually visiting two tomatoes!! never noticed something like this! lucky you1

afoo said...

Babs, the level of harmony you are attempting with nature is truly astounding. I salute you on your ambition.


csm said...

carol - well spotted. its is almost like a tunnel. simply outstanding engineering.
ashbhai - super to see you here and blessed to have your blessings :-)

Anonymous said...

just a thought!
should we grow these champion worms for fine-dining restaurants instead of plainJane tomatoes.
there could be serious money there