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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Meri Jaan Meri Jaan – Cycling on Sunday

Sunday is a day off for us too. We had the time to ourselves and we decided to take a cycle trip (our preferred mode of local transport) around the neighbourhood.

The route we took was a full circle with pR as a point on the circumference.

pR -> Kaatudevadoor -> Chittamoor ->Mudukarai -> Jamin Endathur -> pR (the names roll off the tongue with so much vigour, doesn't it).

The country-side is just a splendid place. Small villages, tons of greenery, low traffic roads (hence low noise), colourful temples by the dozen and lovely birds.

The 3 hours we spent (including stops for chai, etc) saw us cover over 22 kms and make us the current endurance champions of Jamin Endathur. We had met a couple of locals on the way and when we indicated the route we took, incredulous looks met us and mental calculators whirred away (to arrive at the 22 kms figure).

So what started out as a simple Sunday morning stroll has made us popular in the neighbourhood.

More cycling the in the coming Sundays.

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