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Monday, February 15, 2010

BT brinjal - as farmer and consumer

jairam ramesh's statement on the entire sequence since BT brinjal's inception.
tehelka interview of former MD of Monsanto India - TV Jagadisan.
sunita narain's (center for science and environment) piece in the TOI.

as a recent inductee into the farming community and having been raised on the concepts of fukuoka (natual farming) and a keen follower of deepak suchde and nammalvar, i will not plant BT brinjal as a farmer and not eat it as a consumer.

my avid readers will know of my affinity to monsanto.


Krupakar said...

The scariest aspect of all this is the deliberation and debate which preceded such a blindingly obvious decision. It is like the crew of the Titanic having a long, 'objective' debate about whether the large looming object in front of them is an iceberg, and whether that requires a course correction or not.

csm said...

k - thats the price to pay for democracy.
and this system is slowly being wrung by the moneyed. maybe another min with less scruples that JR may have just pushed it through.

did you know that karunanidhi passed an act which made it illegal for a non BSc (Agri) person to give advice to farmers (ostensibly at the behest of our friends at monsanto)!! again major protests got that revoked, but thats the way the dice rolls.