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Wednesday, January 24, 2007



Chalthe hue miltein hain raahon par kai mod
Kahan, kidhar, kaise mein chunoon
Kyon, kab, kis rastein par mein mudoon

Manzil hai tai, par rastein hain bechain
Har koi raasta, deta hai bulaawa
Sweekar kaise karoon, har ek ka ishara

Kaise bhi ho, muskhurate hue chalo
Aate hai chauraahen, jaate hai chauraahen
Apnaatein humein, kholkhe apni baahein

Zindagi ke safar mein hum sab akele
Har saans, har kadam hai sirf apna
Hoton se har pal, Khuda ka naam hai lena


sameersampat said...

Wow, that was thought-provoking(well what I understood of it :-). At the back end of doing so many random experiments connecting with people, how do you come to the conclusion that we are all alone in our path?

csm said...

i use the BEST bus analogy a lot.
as a driver, the bus journey is akin to your life.
during the journey, there are several passengers who get on and off at different stages. very few stay end to end. (in life no one does).
but not minding this, the driver has to take the bus to the destined end point (in life the journey is not fixed as a bus).
we are not completely alone in our paths, but more so at the junctions when we are making the choices.
the connections are our work towards making the inner-net revolution happen. these connections are the way of spreading love.

Vanessa said...

In BEST buses, there is a conductor who stays with the driver till the end....Can't ignore him...... He is the one who communicates with the passengers, helps the driver steer the bus through traffic-jams...etc...isn't it?
Well, Never mind what i say,(old habits die hard). The concept is good.