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Saturday, January 20, 2007

ambulance service

during the final year at college, i had my dad's bike and hence was a cool dude!!
but it was very handy as an ambulance service. i can recollect at least 5 trips to the hospital for admitting dosts.

i also extended my health work, when in a very serious case, i rode the ambulance with a friend who had, in a fit of desperation, poisoned himself. pretty scary. but he survived, thank god and god bless him, wherever he is.

was getting off the train today, when the women ahead were signalling for the driver to halt and a general sense of commotion.
a women had fainted and was being dragged out of the compartment. i little bit of chaos as junta congregated. she was with her mom, sister and son. all 3 were distraught and weeping.
moved into 'control' mode. checked her pulse, was ok (i mean, it was pulsing). her eyes were wide open and very dazed.
immediately called up the office and tried to get a clinic/ambulance number.

they gave me a number of her husband and talked to him. he did not want to send her to the govt hospital (my first suggestion). also as she has recovered a little by then, it made sense.

got the nearest clinic address and rushed her there. doctor was leaving and i had to use my selling skills to get her to look at shehnaz.

general weakness as she was having a malaria treatment. i could also make out that she was anaemic (as most women per reliable sources).

doctor was a good lady and i kindly thanked her.
gave them some money to buy medicines and take a cab and get home.

mom wanted my address to repay. i used nipun's 'pay-it-forward model' speech :-) it is a splendid concept. oprah uses it!

it doesn't take much to help one another. just needs someone to start. that's how it will ripple out. lets never forget to look out for our brothers and sisters.

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Vanessa said...

What are your reliable sources? :-)
btw, really nice post. Mumbai is really a happening city. Ideal place to be for you....

Did you realise that you have written 14 posts in 2006 and 13 already in 2007, with few days of Jan still left.....Good work...(lage raho csmbhai)