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Thursday, March 10, 2011

sun drying tomatoes

with the surplus of tomatoes pleasantly hitting us, we tried our best to use it all up.
almost to the verge of stoping use of tamarind.

even then we were left with much.
then we decided to try DV's suggesting of sun drying tomatoes.

here is how we did it and looks like it has worked.

the harvest

cut it into quarters

put it into the solar oven

after 7 hours in the oven

at the end of the drying.

it needs to be completely dry for it to store well.
it reduces from 10 to 1 through this process.


Vanessa said...

They look amazing.
Sun dried tomatoes taste even better than fresh tomatoes in some recipes. Pizza for one.

Anonymous said...

Pizza, hamburgers and coke in pointReturn? Welcome to the future ;)

csm said...

anon - pizzas, yes. rest, never.
my bhabhi has already come up with a superb all-wheatflour bread (aka no maida) and in time, she could also come up with a samba godumai pizza...

and yessir, an oven is in the offing :-)

Vanessa said...

All wheat flour bread- No yeast?

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

i love sun dried tomatoes. love love love them.