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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

salaam bombay

i never got around to being graceful to the city of my youth as i left its boundaries.
i came in june 1998 and left on jan 2010. from age 24 years to age 35 years.
the most energetic part of my life was spent in the in the city which perhaps will be more home than any other city in the world.

its importance in my life is fairly obvious considering that it is the most common tag in my over 500 posts.
73 posts tagged bombay scores over all the other major themes covered here.

a few top items of the city that i am thankful for:
1. fully understanding the importance of public transport...example
2. making me to be a secular thinker...example
3. sharpening my bird's eye viewing ability....example
4. start my journey in understanding linguistics...example
5. making an experimenter out of me..example

salaam bombay/mumbai/bambai. it will be top in my list of heroes.


Vanessa said...

how funny is this..
I lived in Mumbai (suburbs of course - Dombivli and Vashi) for about 25 years. Went to School, college there. Worked there. Moved out of Mumbai in 2004 and now I don't want to go back.

I need to make your kind of list, might make me appreciate my hometown better.

csm said...

mumbai for vanessa = chennai for csm

city of real growth <> city of physical growth

Vanessa said...

:) Nail on the head

Serious Lounger said...

so the great one has moved out of Mumbai thereby forever reducing the emotional quotient of the city by a multiple.. Anyways, csm call us when ye swing through bangalore on your trips and all the best..
Mumbai and I have a love hate relationship.. i spent 3 years of my life there - probably the most energetic ones of my life.. but chennai and now B'lore claim my laziness..

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

nice to give a not-so-senti angle to it. i still have unresolved feelings, and it has been 6+ months....

csm said...

sl - will do blore sometime in the next 2 months or so. will ping.

to state the obvious, what mumbai and I share need not be similar for others...

Purvs said...

Salaam CSM

Here is my list of of the top things I will miss about your presence in this city:

- Random conversations across the "school" table.
- The potential to find more eateries in mumbai that I would never go to otherwise
- A colleague with whom I can guiltlessly critique the organization
- Reminders about my commitment as a human being to be more green (through example)
- "Animated" training sessions around CSS, Be The Change, Akanksha growth Model...

Cheers to you and K for truly walking the talk !

csm said...

purvi - good to see you back on this side of the blog :-)
nice list.
as promised, we will evolve those discussions into these type of spaces. may not be as fun as it has been 'live', but should grow into them :-)