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Friday, January 15, 2010

pottering around at home

since our move has been a bit delayed, we decided to potter around our home gardens.
why not get some green work going around the house? why not, indeed.

amazingly, my mom loves to prowl for hours in the garden. and more amazingly, my father-in-law is a born-again gardener.
with them around, we want to make our urban homes also move away from a dependence on the the market.

1. made a broom from coconut leaves.

a new broom costs Rs 20. fairly reasonable ROI :-)

2. mulched beans saplings

3. prepared amrut jal and preparing amrut mitti (approx 15 sq ft bed). it will take another 1.5 months to get ready.

4. prepared raised bed for tomatoes transplanting which we have sheet mulched.
first dig up 6 inches of the soil (the topmost 1" is topsoil and it has been saved for amrut mitti)...

added compost, cow-dung, soil and sand and mixed it up...

the bed had been raised to an approx height of 9"...

mulched with a carboard carton (which was from the packing that moved from mumbai to madras)...and you can make out the 3 holes on the left side which have the transplanted tomato saplings (we rushed this part, the recommended sapling size is almost 6")...

all in all, a fairly productive 2 weeks around the garden.

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