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Thursday, December 17, 2009

WTF news of day - weight dropping

a chilean weightlifter - elizabeth pobtele - delivered a boy.
well so what is WTF about it?

she was unaware of being pregnant (along with her coaches etc), and delivered in the middle of training.
good for her - she can now compete in lower weight categories.

i blame it on overuse of tight fitting spandex and mind-numbing steroids.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...


Vanessa said...

This one is "What the fake". I don't believe it.
BTW Looks are you are on a prowl for sutff like this :)

Vanessa said...

What I meant is: Looks like you are on the prowl for stuff like this. Lack of sleep to blame :(

csm said...

v - trusting the news reports for veracity. if this were in india, am sure that all channels would have done a breaking news on this dropping news.

these things come. if eyes are open, then you will notice them hitting :-)
sleep is very well indeed and the time of this comment should not indicate otherwise :-)

anyway - welcome back to the regular commenters :-)

Vanessa said...

csm, your wish of forgiving Kasab could very well be granted...What do you think?

csm said...

v - as ever, you interpret erroneously.
my forgiveness has nothing to do with the legalities of the crimes.
the law is paramount and that's that.

making up stories in the face of accusation is something all of us do. don't tell me you never lied to your mom, when she caught you stealing sugar!!

Vanessa said...

:) I sure did.
I just have a feeling he will wiggle his way out of this. Biding time for another Kandahar-like incident. This whole process is getting me very impatient and uncomfortable. And so the erroneous-sounding comment I guess. My apologies.