Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

where is the juice in tomatoes?

over the last year (mostly in the last 6 months), i have noticed that the tomatoes i buy are thicker/firmer and much less juicier than before.
so much so that when they are sauteed, they hardly leave out any water/juice.

we spent 2 days over the last weekend at krushi teerth in MP (refer relationship between plants and humans)
the tomatoes they grow are to die for.
cherry tomatoes covered the entire farm area like weeds.
and we cooked sambar without tamarind and only with these tomatoes and what a superb taste.

we then learnt that the current cropping of commercial tomatoes is fully tuned to transportation-loss-minimisation.
and a cursory search shows the number of hybrid varieties in the market.
while we check and re-check every label of the packaged food items we buy, we are completely lax about the fruits and vegetables we get/eat.

yes, it is time to grow our own food.


Aniket said...

"yes, it is time to grow our own food." :)) :)) :))

csm said...

i third it brother.
got scared when i heard what kind of crap chemicals are used post produce.
at this rate of infestation, genetic mutations are bound to happen.