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Monday, October 08, 2007

will you kill yourself

saawariya is the most anticipated movie of the year.
i am certain that it is likely to be constipating.

while it means a well intentioned "beloved/darling" in hindi, it means "will you kill yourself" in tamil.


kbpm said...

oh good one. they are driving me up the wall interviewing these two ugly kids that act in this movie anywhere i look. its bound to be an idiotic movie.

csm said...

hype kills and grusomely and grotesquely.

Ludwig said...

> it means "will you kill yourself" in tamil.

hee hee. sheer brilliance. i think you should tell Baradwaj Rangan about this one!

Space Lover said...

Hehehe! Great stuff! LOL.

Paresh Palicha said...

Romba Nandri :) for improving my Tamizh.

csm said...

l - sent to brangan.
i am kicking myself that i missed it during swades (remember saawariya saawariya, mein tho hui baawariya...)

lover - thanks and welcome

pp - free tamizh lessons are still on. palicha means bright.

Ludwig said...

confession: we haven't seen 'Swades'! is that a mistake? we've met Ravi K. and Balaji S. though, so that should count for something?

csm said...

l - who is 'we'?
swades is missable and meeting rk and bs are more than sufficient counters. but gjoshi is a swadisth sweetdish.

kbpm said...

swades! oh! someone has missed it! oh no! oh oh no!
(actually i have also not really seen it, sort of seen only parts of it, we should be fine i think, there may be other reasons why we will be burnt in hell etc.).

but you know that Taara song. A group of kids in rural wherever it is hanging out. Suddenly srk (who is all along sipping Bisleri) stands up and does this song & dance. Kids love it. Now imagine csm in place of srk. It fits.