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Monday, November 30, 2015

november rain

around 80 cms of rain over 30 days has metamorphosed the neignbourhood, and really the entire state.
this relentless intensity of steady rain over such a vast area over such a long time has been spellbinding.

but of course, cities are paying the price for their unrestrained construction.

in october, things looked bleak after another year of poor SW monsoon rains (since 2012). everywhere, wells were drying up and indicators were for another year of low scale/marginal level agri operations.

and a month later, there is water EVERYWHERE. this means that paddy will be the only possible crop for the local farmers. no groundnut, pulses, sesame, etc.

we have around 1.5 acres of standing rice crops.
once the rains ease/abate and the correct seasons approach, we shall be able to do more crops over the next 6 months.

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