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Monday, July 23, 2012

House - update and final part

no, we have not moved into the house we built. the house was built as a back up should the pavilion thatch give away or leak during the monsoons. as we also re-thatched the pavilion last year, it is unlikely to leak for a couple of years now. so the house will remain as a back up accommodation.

in-spite of the steps taken to prevent them, we saw a heavy infestation of termites as soon as the monsoon started last year. they completely took over the walls and flooring. our brand new house suddenly had a haunted look early this year. post NE monsoon we did a complete lime-wash on the walls as an experiment to deter termites. it has worked so far. we have since been maintaining it with regular cow dung dabs on the floor and have installed a kutty fan and a light. this is how it looks now.

the front

mud floor with cow dung dab

mud floor does require regular maintenance and cow dung dabbing is the common practice in the village to keep the floor smooth and to prevent the mud surface from chipping off.  we will not be able to use any wooden furnitures because of termites. otherwise the floor feels very good.

we also had to put a long awning in the front to prevent the walls from taking a direct rain splash. after much deliberation we decided to put up a keeth pandal ourselves and it was great fun.

skeleton for keeth pandal

we learnt the rope knots from the pavilion

finally done and cost us little over a lakh of rupees.


Yugandhar said...

Guys, Lovely house. Especially the last two pics are beautiful. it took so much money to build.

Congrats on completing this one.

Howz everyone doin???

Kannan said...

Looks nice! I can very well understand the effort required to maintain the mud floor nd it's even harder when u have a destroyer like my dog Bairav , who loves digging, btw any luck on the mansoon side , any rain? . It's hot nd windy here no rain so far

kpt said...

hello yugandhar / kannan, thanks. all good here.
it rained about 10cm over one week early july which changed the scene here. trees are happy, we have got agri fields ploughed and are waiting for the next rain to sow rainfed crops of groundnut, ragi, bajra, jowar and some green manure for this season.

hope you too get rain.

btw the house or any indoors is off limits for our chokka but termites do the digging instead :).

Purvs said...

Congratulations K and S!! The house looks beautiful and you must feel proud :)