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Thursday, January 15, 2009

26/11 investigations

as expected, tehalka carries a cover story on the investigations into 26/11 terror attacks on mumbai.
i feel that the majority of the reasons we succumb to such attacks lie in our poor and weak defenses. unless we prioritise our efforts to shore them up, no amount of targetting terror camps, surgical strikes, etc., will work.

the story (if fully true) lays out the callousness of our intelligence (how can we still use this term!?) agencies.
this particular part is highly unnerving:
On 18 September, for example, the Research and Analysis Wing had intercepted a satellite phone conversation which clearly indicated that a hotel at the Gateway of India in Mumbai would be targeted. Crucially, the intercept also revealed that the sea route would be used to launch this operation.
if this really happened, it is a stinkeroo of the highest order.
considering that the agency is RAW, it is a little much to expect intelligence from such greenhorns.

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