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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

cars - oh my god - corrigendum

the calculations though flawless, the final numbers achieved are suspect.

the total number of cars in delhi = 25 million is surely way off target as the total human population is only around 12 million. so it is likely that the number of cars is more likely to be in the 2-3 million range. so that is a 10 times reduction.

so annual fuel consumption is likely to be in the range of 5 million MTs.
that means the usa is 100 times gas-guzzlier than india. woooow.

the numbers still remain scary.


Ludwig said...

The Slimes says that there are between 500,000 and 700,000 cars in Delhi. But it is the Slime, after all.

Chapter 12 of the "Economic Survey of Delhi 2001-02" says, "There is controversy about the actual number of vehicles plying on Delhi's roads.", but that was in 2001-02. Perhaps by now the picture is clearer.

Whatever it is, tis scary.

kbpm said...

I dont think we have exact numbers but you can look at
may get a reasonable idea of things.

now wonder what will happen when that 1 lakh Rs. car hits the market!

csm said...

car makers are clocking a million cars per year in sales. so over the last 10 years it would be around 5 million cars added.
and another 10 million in the next 5 years. based on growth over the last 2 decades.

the morth figures dont make any sense at all. seem way off track.

this is the thing that is strange.
while the 2 wheelers are getting expensive, the cars are getting cheaper. you will then have a 1 lakh car and a 1 lakh bike (already there must be all these fancy dhoom bikes, but i am referring to mass manufactured ones)

kbpm said...

csm but that is the whole plan aint it. to get the two-wheeler guys to drive in cars. so that you can increase the congestion on the roads and generally get the feeling that if not for the potholes you are driving on the TappanZee bridge.